Hip Hop

The weekly Hip Hop classes target a range of abilities from Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Aiming to provide students with the tools necessary to enter the professional dance industry.

The Hip Hop class is run by Chloe Miles who has performed in theatres in many professional productions such as: The Great Seaside Special at The Princess Theatre, StreetFest Urban Culture Festival, Myself UK’s Icon the Show celebrating International Women’s Day and the in house clothing launch of big sports brand Nike.

Using her own experience and professional training to aid those who attend, she will teach each individual the basics of hip hop foundation and will show them how to use these skills to promote individuality and creativity in a range of dance genres. Chloe aims to enhance technique, build confidence and increase self-esteem through using multiple drills, improvisation, freestyle and choreographed movement. She will show you how to promote a freedom of expression in urban forms of dance but with a gained knowledge of the history behind each art form. Chloe aims to deliver fun yet captivating sessions where her students can meet their full potential and be the best possible performer.

Nine Lives Theatre Company Hip Hop Class 2016!

Check out Chloe’s work as a member of Myself UK Dance!

Azelia Banks – Chasing Time. Myself UK Dance Company. Choreographed by Kloe Dean


BeginnerSaturday – 1.15pm IntermedThursday – 6pm
AdvancedThursday – 7pm


Alfred House, The Institute
Hill Street, Wisbech, Cambs, PE13 1BA
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Chloe Miles