Alistair Penman

Ali Penman“Nine Lives Theatre Company shaped me into the person I am today after being allowed to explore multiple skill sets – I soon realised my passion lay with sound engineering. Michele supported me in this in various ways whist still pushing my performing skills! Since Nine Lives I’ve gone on to work with such acts as McFly, Olly Murs, Catherine Jenkins and been involved on shows such as Blood Brothers (UK tour), and soon to make my first West End credit in July on the sound design team for “Impossible” at the Noel Coward Theatre. I completely owe my success to Michele and the team for giving me the kick I needed to progress in this industry!” (2009 – 2012) – After graduating gained a place at Huddersfield University studying Technical Theatre and is now a professional lighting and sound designer and engineer

Simon Smith

Simon Smith“Being a member of the Nine Lives Theatre company gave me the valuable experience I needed to progress my training in Musical Theatre. It gave me the opportunity to understand how a stage show is put together, from script read right up to the first performance. After finishing my training within the Nine Lives Theatre Company, I moved on to training in Musical Theatre at London School of Musical Theatre. It goes without saying that I would never have achieved a place at such a prestigious stage school without the skills and experience I gained from the Nine Lives Theatre Company.” (2004 – 2006) – After graduating trained at London School of Musical Theatre

Annie Larkin

Annie Larkin“Training with Nine Lives really gave me the best start I could have had with my training and my career. I was pushed to develop my skills, and my confidence. Being a part of the course and working as a professional theatre company really helped me to know this was the career for me, as well as teaching me the correct professional etiquette, something which has been invaluable to me in my work. They really helped me improve my stamina, and I loved working in the friendly and professional environment. The teachers would always push us to reach our full potential, along with supporting us fully in everything we did. Without Nine Lives and the training I received, I would not be where I am today, nor would I have been able to gain a place at such a prestigious school as CSVPA to further my training.” (2008 – 2010) – After graduating studied with RADA at Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts

Brandon Loveless

Brandon Loveless“I was part of the Nine Lives for the years of 2008-2010. Paul, Cynthia, Michele, and Linda were teaching on the programme at that time and those two years were the most enjoyable that I can recount so far! They all taught me valuable lessons, not only in performance and the arts, but in life in general. They worked hard to challenge me from all angles and hone me into a performer ready to take confident further steps into the world. I have since completed my BA (Hons) in Dance at the University of Lincoln, and am back there until September again now as I finish off my MA in Choreography. I’m starting up a Creative Life Coaching practice currently, underpinned by the theory and practice of performing arts.” (2008 – 2010) – After graduating gained a BA Hons in Dance and currently studying an MA in Choreography at the University of Lincoln

Lucinda Jane Mullins

testheadshot“I joined the Nine Lives theatre as a Mature student in 2008 at the age of 32. I can say it was the best choice I ever made! I had the time of my life. I only intended doing the first diploma, but I continued to stay on for the full 3 years and came out with some very good grades and lots and lots of experience. It felt like a big family, and the tutors Paul, Michele and Cyn, were amazing, they always had faith in me. My confidence grew when I was a part of the company. I loved the challenges and the directions given and I loved waking up every morning going into college. I have some wonderful memories and made some wonderful friends. If I had the chance to do it all again…I would! I have continued with the acting, dancing and singing, with the Wisbech Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society.” (2008 – 2011) – After graduating is currently training to be a personal trainer

Toni Townsend

Toni Townsend“I was in the Nine Lives Theatre Company from 2009 – 2011. It was the best thing that happened to me. I’m so glad I joined. Michele Larkin, James-Lee Campbell, Cynthia Maxey and Linda and of course Paul helped me improve and believe in myself. Without them I wouldn’t have known that I could sing opera/classical music or tap. Now I am in my dream job doing what I love. I am an entertainer at Park Resorts and progressing further. Thanks to them I won best actress in a big competition. I’m so glad to hear Nine Lives is coming back.” (2009 – 2011) – After graduating is currently working as an entertainer at Park Resorts

Becky Best

Becky Best“I was part of the company from 2009-2011 as a National Diploma student in Musical Theatre. When I first started I was a very shy person who wouldn’t talk to many people. I loved singing and at the time hated dance. Being taught by Michele throughout the two years gave me the strength I have today. By slowly building my confidence and giving me some rather interesting parts such as Gluttony and Wagner for Faustus and then my best moment as Rose Lee in Gypsy the musical, I was able to find a new confidence! I found from these two years that the more types of dance we did, the more I enjoyed it! By the end of the two years I found my top 3 switched from singing acting dancing to dancing, singing acting. From this new confidence, I am now in my third year of a Business Management degree working for Enterprise Rent a Car and am going onto a Masters next year and eventually PHD to become a university lecturer.” (2009 – 2011) – After graduating went on to study Business Management and is currently in her third year

Liam Nixon

Liam Nixon“I was one of the last original Wisbech Nine Lives students I began my journey on the course as first diploma and gained three years of knowledge, skills and confidence. Being one of Michele’s last original students meant a great deal to myself and my diploma class which was part of the move from Wisbech to Kings Lynn. Going into Kings Lynn I was a first year meaning I was mixed into the 1st year class of Kings Lynn college. At first it was hard to bond between the two year groups, but we soon gelled and became a very strong year. Thanks to Michele, Cynthia and James who gave me the confidence to perform and hone in on my skills for the 3 years I studied at college, I was even privileged to perform lead parts in musicals such as Crazy For You, CATS and The Beautiful Game. I came out of college with a Distinction Merit Merit and I’m now currently studying dance at DeMontfort University in Leicester. Thanks to the confidence and people skills Michele taught me I am now on the current 2015 national champion university division cheerleading squad; DMU Saints and hope that next May I can become the teams chairman for 2016. I highly recommend that people join and enjoy this course, I know I would happily retake all 3 years of college just to be taught under Michele Larkin and her team of expert colleagues.” (2010 – 2013 part of the Aspire Company in 2013) – After graduating gained a place at DeMontfort University and is currently studying Dance

Andrew Wharton

Andrew Wharton“When I started in 2010 at the Nine Lives Theatre I was very shy; I didn’t know anybody at all, and I wasn’t sure if I had chosen the right course for myself. Having dyslexia, being partially sighted and a little bit of autism did not give me a lot of confidence in myself. However the Nine Lives Theatre Company changed me and made me who I am today. I cannot describe the thanks and appreciation that I have for my tutors and my friends that I made at the Nine Lives Theatre Company. Not only did Michele Larkin, James Lee Campbell and Cynthia Maxey give me all the skills I needed to know about the business of performing arts, but they also gave me the strength and confidence to prove to the world that any man or woman could do anything if they put their minds to it. I studied at the Nine Lives Theatre Company for three years, and in that time I overcame my own personal challenges. I have formed everlasting friendships on the course. I enjoyed the thrill and excitement of doing six shows a year. I studied acting singing and dancing and worked hard to develop those skills in those three years and beyond. But above all the skills I have learnt to be a professional performer in the performing arts business. This Company was not just great, because it had committed and professional tutors; it was not just great, because it had talented people who attended the course and doing what they were doing, it was great because it brought everyone together. It gave people the chance to love what they were doing within a strong community that helped people learn the profession, and also have happy times and fond memories. I am going to start Acting and Performing Arts Foundation Degree in September (2015). I have joined a barbershop group and a Community Choir in Northumberland. I do not know what the future holds, but I can say that I will keep doing what I enjoy doing, which is performing to a crowd for as long as I can. To anyone that is thinking about joining the company the Nine Lives Theatre Company – it was the best parts of my life so far. This is a worthwhile company to join. It would give you the professional skills to go on and go to University or drama school, or even to the West End and the possibilities are endless. I will always be a great supporter of the Nine Lives Theatre Company and I would give whatever help I can to see it come alive again.” (2010 – 2013 part of the Aspire Company in 2013) – After graduating undertaking a Performing Arts Foundation Degree

Ashley Fovargue

testheadshot“The Nine Lives Theatre Company is where it all began for me … With the help from Paul, Michele, Synthia, Ade and the gang it really did make me who I am today. The fact we got to be a part of the entire production from Conception, Rehearsal, Technical & Performance was invaluable and still plays a part in my everyday life…. Because of Nine Lives I have the confidence to perform to large and small audiences alike. Thanks to some of the greatest people I will ever meet I got to live my dream and enjoyed a fruitful 7 years with Haven Holidays Entertaining using the skills gained and passing them on to others…. For this I thank you and will be forever grateful.” (2004 – 2006) – After graduating went to work as a coat at Haven for seven years

Louise Mcquirke

Louise McQuirke“After going to see many performances that the Nine Lives Theatre Company held at the Angles Theatre as part of their college course I knew that was where I wanted to go to further my education in musical theatre. In my first year of college I was extremely under confident with performing in front of people there was no way that a year later that I could have pictured myself singing a song from Phantom of The Opera in front of a live audience. I don’t want it to sound like a cliché, but that was all thanks to Michele. After being taught by such a passionate teacher I came out of college with a Distinction Distinction Merit. I think that bringing back the Nine Lives Theatre Company is exactly what this area needs. From my own personal experience I have found it really hard to find anything like this Theatre Company for all ages in this area that can fit around people in full time work like me. After deciding that University wasn’t for me and while I save up for drama school I will definitely be going to the classes that Michele’s theatre company has to offer.” (2011 – 2013 part of the Aspire Company in 2013) – After graduating has gone into full time employment

Kayleigh Moss

testheadshot“I was in the class of 2011 – The Nine Lives Theatre Company was amazing – I was taught by Michele, Cyn, Paul and James-Lee. I joined mainly because I just wanted to sing and develop that, but it turned out I love all 3 singing dancing and acting. The company changed my life I learnt so much more than just to perform I actually learnt who I was. Since leaving I’ve gone on to doing gigs writing my own music and having the opportunity to do a music video. I now still have one to one singing lessons with Michele and I absolutely love them. I’m so happy to hear the Nine Lives Theatre Company is coming back! Michele has helped me with auditions and supported me through everything musically. The Nine Lives Theatre Company helped me with understanding how to be a healthy performer and how to sing in the correct manor, I learnt how to act and dance and have an experience in what the musical theatre industry would be like. The course was fun, professional and rewarding and a great way to express the inner you. I highly recommend the Nine Lives Theatre Company and will certainly become a member again.” (2007 – 2008 & 2009 – 2011) – After graduating is currently a professional singer

Kelly-Anne McGuinness

testheadshot“I was one of the original Nine Lives. I was there from 1994-1996 when Paul first set up the college course at the Isle College. The reason we named it Nine Lives was because there were 9 of us on the course. My time spent there was fantastic. We were taught by Paul, Miranda, Cyn & Anne-Marie and had many outside directors come in and teach us as well. If I had not joined the Wisbech College course I would not have got the opportunity to play the lead role in the musical version of The Little Match Girl. Thank you to Paul and the course.” (1994 – 1996) – After graduating worked as a coat at Warners Holidays

Josie Shields

testheadshot“I joined the Nine Lives Theatre Company in 2006 and I had a fantastic time! With Paul, Michele, Cyn and Linda there was so much to learn, every show was a great challenge. I particularly enjoyed the drama sessions as Linda taught us to improvise in a situation rather than just read from a script. I found this gave me confidence with jobs I would get in the future, also with the group discussions we had you were always treated as an individual and that it was ok to have a voice! I’m proud to have been part of Nine Lives and the brilliant memories that came with it!” (2006 – 2008)

Aimée Michelle Horner

testheadshot“I studied under the guidance of Michele for three years at Aspire. When I started the course I had little to no confidence, Michele built that up and gave me all the confidence I have today. She taught me how to use my voice to the best it can be and pulled notes and pitches out I didn’t even know I had! And showed me the potential in acting I had. I thoroughly enjoyed my time learning from Michele, I know I wouldn’t have gotten through the last year without her support and guidance the whole way. She always finds time to give and help those who want and need it. I have come away with good knowledge and grounding of the industry, I couldn’t have asked for a better person to learn from.” Studied under Michele Larkin as part of the Aspire Company

Sophie Goodacre

Sophie Goodacre“I was part of the Nine Lives Theatre Company from 2006 until 2008 with Michele, Paul, Cyn and Linda. My two years on this course has helped me to be where I am today both my confidence in business and on the stage. Michele taught me how to control my voice and get the best out of it, I use all she taught me when gigging with the band and the duo that I am part of. Brilliant experience of the industry.” (2006 – 2008) – After graduating is currently a professional singer and business owner

Oli Banks

testheadshot“I was in the class of 2012 – without this Company I can’t imagine I’d have ever been as confident (or loud!) when dealing with life in general. Some of my fondest memories are from my time on the course and I’ll always be grateful for the time I was given there. Big thanks to Michele for having the patience of a saint dealing with me!”(2012 – 2014) – After graduating works in customer service
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