Contemporary and Lyrical

With: Annie Larkin

When: Thursdays 6pm – 7pm

Who: Mixed age class, ages 11 years and up.

Price: £5 per session, (paid monthly or termly).

Contemporary and Lyrical dance forms are an expressive style of dance which combines elements of various different genres which include ballet, jazz and modern. Our Contemporary and Lyrical dance sessions allow students to explore a more expressive style of dance. Elements and skills from other genres, like ballet, jazz and modern, come together in these classes, creating a fluid, emotional movement style.

The versatility of Contemporary and Lyrical means students can focus on learning alternative moves and rhythms, to free their movement, and become the audience’s lens for the music’s emotion through dance. We use a huge range of musical styles in these classes, and all choreography has a heavy emphasis on floorwork.

Contemporary and Lyrical classes are perfect for those who have studied or are studying other forms of dance, enjoy experimentation and want a more freeing style. In these classes, we aim to push dances to new levels, as well working on the depth of their ability to emote in dance.

Contemporary students are eligible for free Stretching and Conditioning classes which are held half an hour prior to the start of this class.

Nine Lives Theatre Company contemporary dancers in the midst of some floor work.