Cool Cats

With: Nine Lives Teaching Staff

When: Saturday 10am – 1pm

Who: Mixed age class, ages 13 to 18.

Price: £12 per session, (paid monthly or termly).

Cool Cats takes place on a Saturday morning from 10am til 1pm. Each hour of this class is dedicated to a different type of performing arts; Musical Theatre, Comedy Scriptwriting and Film Acting for Screen. Students who attend Cool Cats will have the chance to perform regularly at town events, in shows and even in their own films and monologues, which are later screened at our Cats Whiskers event at The Luxe Cinema.

Musical Theatre – Cool Cats students will learn to harness their abilities in Acting, Singing and Dance while learning how to put all of them together into Musical Theatre performance pieces. We know how important it is to have a good foundation in all three of these major performance disciplines, and putting them all together is a great way for students to grow and learn.

Scriptwriting & Comedy – This class is all about learning how to form ideas and create workable pieces of theatre and film from them. We concentrate on building confidence in every student, and helping them to find what comedy means to them through experimenting with their own ideas, as well as learning from others. Comedy can be one of the more difficult forms of performance, so we think it’s a wonderful skill to learn as well as helping each student to open up as a performer.

Film & Acting for Screen – In this class we concentrate on a slightly different form of acting, one for screen. With film and television being one of the main ways we now receive entertainment we find it’s great for students to learn all about how their favourite movies or series are put together and processed. We cover various acting techniques in the first term, which are later used when they get to performing in front of the camera. The second term focuses mainly on students getting used to the camera, when they get to write and perform their own monologue or scene and have it recorded. In the third term we further this by getting the students into small groups and devising their own short films to be shot. During all of this students also get to see how everything works behind the camera, and learn how a film set works.

Nine Lives Theatre Company Cool Cats mid-show.