Private Tuition

Our Private Tuition offers individual, tailored sessions with our teaching staff in either acting, singing, dance or musical theatre.

So whether you’re looking for a singing teaches, dance tutor, or just someone to help with a show or exam, you can be certain that Nine Lives should be your first call.

Singing Lessons

Singing classes are perfect for anyone looking to take graded singing exams. These sessions will prepare you for future examinations should you wish to take them, teach you the correct techniques and give you a solid grounding in music theory.

Acting Lessons

In acting classes we focus on helping students to dissect any script they’re given, in order to find their character within. This is something we really focus upon in private acting classes, we go into more depth on character development, as well as studying certain techniques that can help you find the correct emotion for any piece you may be performing. Student will get the chance to experiment with acting practitioners ideas and theories in order to find what works for them. With private acting classes we want to give you the tools to create wonderful and believable performances.

Musical Theatre Lessons

Our musical theatre private classes we cover lots of aspects that we teach in our group class, but with a more focussed approach to the individual performer. We look at acting through song, and deal with really helping the student to connect with what they’re performing. As well as giving students a good grounding on dance and how it can help transform a performance.

Dance Lessons

We offer private tuition in all kinds of dance; ballet, contemporary, tap and jazz. In these classes we can go into more depth with certain techniques and moves with the specific student. We can also help deal with any concerns they may be having whether that could be posture related or certain things within the syllabus they need longer on. Private tuition in dance allows us more time with one student and can be tailored to whatever they might need.

A Nine Lives Company Dancer in flight, in a split jump.